Nyakiyumbu Sub-county Faces Alarming Gender-Based Violence Crisis


Nyakiyumbu Sub-county, situated in Bukonzo County West of Kasese district, is grappling with a concerning rise in Gender-Based Violence (GBV) cases. The alarming situation has prompted local authorities and non-governmental organizations to come together to find solutions.

According to Patience Masika, the Community Development Officer for Nyakiyumbu Sub- County, the area has witnessed over 400 GBV cases in less than nine months.

These cases encompass incidents of defilement, child labor, domestic violence, and other forms of abuse. The escalating violence has reached a critical point, demanding immediate intervention from various bodies to eradicate this menace.

During a recent sub-county evaluation meeting with eight non-governmental organizations operating in the region, Masika emphasized the urgency of addressing the violence effectively. She highlighted the need for collective efforts to combat GBV and protect the vulnerable members of society.

Benjamin Mbusa, the sub-county Gombolola Internal Security Officer, who also coordinates the Justice Centers of Uganda in the lower local government, shed light on another contributing factor to the violence: land-related conflicts among family members. To mitigate such conflicts, he recommended that family heads create wills to safeguard their property, ensuring a peaceful transfer of assets in case of their demise.

Nehemiah Muhindo, the coordinator for Community Empowerment for Rural Development, attributed the surge in violence to the prevalence of illiteracy in certain communities. He stressed the importance of promoting education to foster awareness and understanding, which could lead to a reduction in violence.

Addressing the issue from a governance perspective, Mustafa Kikusa, the Sub-county Chief, called upon civil society organizations to develop sustainable strategies for their sensitization campaigns within the community.

These campaigns can play a vital role in raising awareness about GBV and educating people on ways to prevent and address such incidents.

Additionally, Kikusa advised the residents of Nyakiyumbu to actively participate in government programs aimed at uplifting their economic status. Economic empowerment, he believes, can help eradicate the root causes of violence that often stem from poverty and desperation.

The situation in Nyakiyumbu Sub-county requires immediate attention and collaboration from all stakeholders.

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