NWSC to increase the amount of water supplied to the population in Kasese


National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has revealed that it intends to increase amount of liters of water consumed by the ever increasing population in Kasese Municipality.

Currently, the corporation supplies 3.4 million liters of water to the population in the urban centre on a daily basis.

Mr. Paul Ogwal, a Water Engineer at the National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Kasese branch, says they are working tooth and nail to tap River Kyanzutsu so that it is connected to the main water treatment plant that gets its river from River Ngangyi.

Engineer Ogwal is optimistic that once the project is completed, it will help in increasing the number of litres of water supplied to the resident on a daily basis from 3.4 million to over 7 million litres.

Mr. Peter Ebwaat, the Kasese Branch Manager happily says they are in the final stages of completing the project so that the people start accessing water. According to him, government has injected in more shillings 1 billion for the benefit of her citizens.

He also reveals that they are proposing to construct another water treatment plant that will be connected from Kazinga Channel in Lake Katwe Sub-county to serve the people living in the areas of Kikorongo among others.

Mr. Ben Baluku, the Senior Technical Overseer of the Water Treatment Plant clarifies that the water supplied for public consumption is clean and safe because it is regularly treated. 


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