NRM party leaders in Kasese Municipality embark on holding rallies to explain the progress of the manifesto implementation


The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leadership in Kasese Municipality has resorted to organizing rallies aimed at sensitizing the electorate about the party progress in terms of manifesto implementation in a period two and half years.

The rallies which have been codenamed “Kasese Municipality NRM Mid – term Performance Accountability,” are expected to begin on January 13 at Bulembia Division Headquarters before proceeding to the Central Division at Railway Primary School on January 14 and Nyamwamba Division at Kizungu (Tibananuka Grounds) on January 21.

Mr. Selevano Kiiro Mulhondi, the Kasese Municipality NRM Chairperson in the company of Mr. Simon Bwambale Rwasanga, the Bulembia Division party Chairperson and Mr. Gideon Masereka Black, the Central Division party Chairperson told the press today morning at Margarita Hotel that during the rallies, elected leaders at all levels in the urban centre will be required to account for the government projects that are being implemented in their areas of jurisdiction and those that are still in the pipeline.

NRM party leaders have since been asked to take the lead in mobilizing the people and setting a fertile ground for the elected leaders to address the electorate and explain to them what the ruling party has so far done for them in the last two and half years.

Hon. Ferigo Kambale, the Kasese Municipality Member of Parliament, who is expected to lead a team of elected leaders in the urban centre at the rallies, says they will also be seeking people’s responses about the already implemented government and individual projects and what should be done in the remaining period.


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