More than 100 people cross to the rulling NRM political party

More than 100 people subscribing to the opposition parties but many of whom from the FDC party have crossed to the ruling NRM party.

They defected yesterday and officially welcomed by the Kasese District NRM Chairperson, Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga at Kinyaminagha Roman Catholic Church in Kitabu Sub-county, Bukonzo County East.

Dr. Kiyonga subsequently hailed the defectors for making what he called a wise decision to leave the opposition and come back to their mother political party.

Speaking in a jovial mood, Dr. Kiyonga explained that the continuous recruitment of new members into the NRM party was not by surprise but because of the government’s pro-people programmes that everyone is enjoying.

He, however, challenged the newly recruited members to embrace had work as government plays its part of introducing pro-people programs for everyone to benefit from.

Mr. Mitusera Kirongotse who has been who has been a strong mobiliser for the FDC in Kitabu sub-county observed need for mindset change in order for the people to benefit from government programmes.


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