Goodluck Zal

Position: The Fresh Hour

97.5 MESSIAH FM’s host Goodluck Zal is a lively radio entertainer/presenter with a strange talent for rubbing people the wrong way. What most people don’t know about Goodluck is that he is one of the few presenters who is proud of his Kingdom (Rwenzururu), clan and village that in every show he must say a ward of greetings to his clan members and village mates. Every after signing out of the show, he is also ought to proudly say the Rwenzururu Kingdom’s Moto Habwakayingo nobusinga bwethu literally translated as “For God and our Kingdom”.

You need to listen to him from 0400pm to 0700pm every Monday to Friday. As for the celebrities he’s interviewed, there are many! These include the legendary Chance Kahindo turned Politician (Mayor Kasese Municipality) Masika Happy, Lady Peace among others. Goodluck has also interviewed Politicians like, Kiiza Winfred, Ferigo Kambale, Nzoghu William Musabe etc

So what drives Goodluck? Well, a passion to talk and be heard. But that does not beat his passion for music, so much so that he would rather talk less and play more music (Which he views as a form of escapism from the daily troubles of the world)

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