Freeman Alex

Position: Production & Traffic Officer

Freeman Alex is currently stationed at Messiah Radio where he has been working for close to 8 years. He was appointed in 2016 in the role of Production and Traffic officer, News Reporter/ Reader, Presenter and Talk show host. While he has a comprehensive Journalism background since 2013 to date, his emphasis is on covering Issues affecting the youth, environment, politics, Crime, Health and Technology.

He is a dedicated individual who appreciates being part as well as leading a successful team, to complement creativity, team work, result oriented, work with minimum supervision and self-motivated.

At Messiah Radio, Baluku has carried out a number of responsibilities as follows:

He is responsible of the audio content of broadcasts delivered over the radio, internet and other mobile platforms. He works with presenters, DJs, broadcasting assistants, engineers and IT staff. He is also responsible for the business and commercial management of programs.

Born Alex Baluku, he holds a diploma in Journalism and Mass communication attained from African Ark College of Management Sciences and is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree of Media Studies from Team University.

On 21st NOV, 2020, after realizing his ecclesiastical call, Alex was commissioned as A Lay Reader by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Jackson Thembo Nzerebende from Kisinga Divinity College. Alex Baluku now turned preacher, his longer-term goals are to learn a variety of areas within the field of Journalism and work towards deciding what area of specialization he wants to take. He intends to become an expert in one specific field of environmental journalism.

His goal for many years has been to become a good writer, sound editor and computer programmer. He has achieved that. Outside office, Alex loves reading the Bible, playing with the youngsters, and watching movies, and there is a special place in his heart for video games. He treasures the opportunity to be a presenter on 97.5FM. It is a vibrant Commercial radio station; there is a professionalism about the way things are done; we have a wonderfully supportive listener base and, most of all, it has given me a chance to fulfil a life-time dream of being a radio presenter.

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