Kyanzuki residents embark on opening community access roads


Residents of Masule in Kyanjuki Ward of Bulembia Division in Kasese Municipality have embarked on manually opening a community road linking the area to some social services.

The residents, most of whom being women, allege that whenever the waters of River Nyamwamba increase in volume, they face a lot of challenges because they cannot access any social services without crossing the river. According to them, it becomes difficult to transport the expectant mothers to the health facilities because Masule is not served with any road network that would aid even a motorcycle to pick a patient from the area.

They complain that whenever River Nyamwamba floods, neither the learners nor the teachers access Masule Primary Schools for their normal lessons hence leading to low education standards in the area.

Ms Elizabeth Mbambu, one of the residents yesterday told the Kasese Municipality Member of Parliament, Hon. Ferigo Kambale, who had joined them during the communal work aimed at opening Masule – Magazine road that following a lot of challenges that they go through, they unanimously resolved to open up a community access road.

Mr. Henry Masereka, the area NRM Vice Chairperson who is also the team leader for the communal work, says leaders should come to their rescue through lobbying for them finances and machines to work on the road so that they are too connected to some social services.

Hon. Ferigo Kambale, who joined the residents, donated five hoes and spades among other tools to help them open up the community road.

The legislator, who hailed the residents for the initiative, pledged to lobby and advocate for the community road, the same way he did to Katarasi where government has secured shillings 200 million to work on it. 


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