Kitswamba Sub-County leadership decry poor health services at health facilities


The leadership of Kitswamba sub -county in Busongora County North, has decried inadequate medication at the health facilities within the area.

Mr. Yofesi Katenene, the Kitswamba Sub county Chairperson, since for close to three months now, all the three health centres in Kitswamba do not have any medicine.

Katenene who was speaking to Messiah Radio over the weekend mentioned the affected health facilities as Kinyabwamba Health Centre III, Ibuga Health Centre II and Nkoko Health Centre II.

He says for the three months, all the health workers attached to the facilities has been to offer counselling services and prescribing medication for patients to buy from private drug shops.

Katenene also highlighted the need for Ibuga Health Center II to be elevated to health centre III status adding that the medical facility is already overwhelmed by the number it serves. According to Gad Mugisha, the Kitswamba Subcounty district councillor, even Kinyabwamba Health Centre, the only health centre III in the sub county does not have a code making it difficult for it to get adequate medical supplies from the National Medical Stores.

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