Kitabu sub county NRM mobilizers commend Dr. Julius Monday Bwambale Rude for his tireless efforts towards the party’s activities in the area


NRM mobilizers from Kitabu Sub-county in Bukonzo County East, Kasese district have commended the constituency party Chairperson, Dr. Julius Monday Bwambale Rude for his tireless efforts and continuous support towards the party activities in the area.

Mr. Enos Friday Mutswanga, a resident of Kyabinyonyi village says Dr. Rude who has been in active politics since 2020 has the party spirit as exhibited through his charitable works to the people in the sub-county.

According to him, despite not going through in the 2021 General Elections to represent Bukonzo County East in Parliament, Dr. Rude has not stopped supporting the constituents.

Mr. Yoweri Kibira, a resident of Buswagha village, says as NRM party members, they are happy with Dr. Rude for his generosity and empowering the local person through supplying free cassava stem cuttings to the people in an attempt to promote food security.

Kibira also commends him for being swift and offering support to the landslide victims who recently lost the property in Kyarumba and Kyondo sub-counties as well as Kyarumba Town Council.


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