Killers of tourists and Ugandan guide shot dead – says UPDF

The Uganda People’s Defense Forces have captured alive one of the commanders of the Allied Democratic Forces-ADF commonly known as Njovu.

Maj. Gen Dick Olum, the Commander of the Mountain Division of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces, says Njovu was captured in an overnight operation on Wednesday where the UPDF exchanged heavy gunfire with the insurgents linked to the Islamic State.

Maj. Gen Olum revealed that Njovu has been responsible for all the attacks in and around Kasese including the attack on Mpondwe-Lhubiriha Secondary School where 38 learners and six community members were killed, the attack on an onion-carrying trailer at Katholhu Village in Nyakiyumbu sub county and the latest attack last Saturday at Kasindi in the Democratic Republic of Congo where two UPDF soldiers were killed and two trucks set ablaze.

Maj. Gen Olum also revealed that it was the same Njovu who led the attack on foreign tourists along Katwe-Katunguru Road in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese. Briton tourist David Jim Barlow and his newlywed South African wife, Emmaretia Cecilia Geyer were killed together with their tour guide and driver Eric Alyai who was attached to Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris before torching the tourist vehicle.

The operation shujaa commander added that the UPDF mounted the operation after realizing that the militiamen were planning to go and undertake another mission in the areas of Kayanja heading to Katwe around Lake Edward in Kasese district.

He revealed that two other militia men were killed instantly while Njovu sustained injuries before adding that four more assailants could have been killed since they drowned in the lake.

The militiamen were also found in possession of a magazine, solar panel, phone battery, tins and nails which military officials said are used when making improvised explosive devices. They were also found carrying personal effects including a towel, salt, and pieces of maize among others.

Several other military officials including Maj. Gen James Birungi, the commander of the chieftaincy of military intelligence also rushed to Katwe landing site where Njovu and the two dead bodies were received.

Katwe -K’abatooro Town Council Chairperson, John Bosco Kananura said last night’s events had gone a long way to build confidence among residents that indeed security is in charge. He revealed that they resolved to bury the bodies of the dead assailants at Munyanyange Public Cemetery in Katwe K’abatooro Town Council.

Kananura urged all tourists not to hesitate visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park since the security is now in charge with enhanced deployment across the entire district.

According to Immaculate Kahindo, a resident of Katwe K’abatooro Town Council, her entire household was gripped in fear as gun shots hovered over the night.

 However, Maj Gen Dick Olum urged the communities to continue working with the UPDF and her sister security agencies and provide any intelligence information related to the works of the Islamic State linked ADF. The mountain division commander also appealed to the people of Kasese who could be having relatives among ADF rebells to tell them to surrender.


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