Kassee residents urged to use electricity profitably

Kilembe Investments Limited, a company that is legally registered and authorized to distribute and sell power from the National Grid has appealed to all her esteemed customers to use electricity to carry out some income generating activities so as to earn a living.

The appeal comes amidst public concerns that the company has increased power tariffs.

But Jane Masika Birungi, the Chief Executive Officer at Kilembe Investments Limited says the increase in the tariffs of power might affect some consumers, a reason why the company is advising the people to use electricity for business purposes and generate money to support their standards of living.

According to her, the company was forced to increase the tariffs of power as a result of inflation but not for profit making.

The Chief Executive Officer also warns the community members against engaging themselves in issues related to vandalism of electric wires, an act she says affects everyone connected to a particular vandalized line.

Asked about the black offs of power in some areas; Masika explained that government was working tooth and nail to address the severe power offs in Bwera and Ibanda areas.


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