Kasese Municipal Councilors disappointed over the manner in which council sittings are conducted


A section of Kasese Municipal Councilors has expressed disappointment over the manner in which council sittings are conducted.

The Councilors who today held a council session at the Central Division Council hall in Kasese town, argued that they always conduct their sittings in a manner that doesn’t give them a platform to exhibit their concerns.

Mr. Herbert Bwambale, the Municipal Secretary for Social Services, stressed that they do receive invitations indicating that they would start the session at 9am but delay until midday.

According to Bwambale, such delays in the commencement time do not give them chance to deliberate on a motion to its fullest because of limited time.

Mr. Israel Masereka, the Municipal Councilor representing Kamaiba Ward wondered why the Mayor’s State of Affairs’ Address was not typed, printed and distributed to the Councilors in form of hard copies.

Mr. Thomas Adyeeri, the Municipal Councilor representing Kisagazi and Umoja Electoral Areas told the press that he was skeptical of accounting for the five years he will spend in council following the manner in which the sessions are held.

Mr. Peter Baluku, the Municipal Male Councilor representing the People with Disabilities described the issues surrounding the delays and failure to prepare in time as a sign of disrespect to the Councilors.

Josemary Kagoda, the Municipal Chief Whip, told the press that as Councilors, they were not ready to tolerate the mistakes and errors in the subsequent council sittings.

She also called for investigations to ascertain whether there was a good working relation between the Technical Staff and the Political wing as far as budgeting and planning for council sittings is concerned. 

Responding to the Councilors’ concerns, Mr. Ukash Swaib Musenene, the Municipal Council Speaker, said he was also not aware of what could have caused the delay in the commencement time.

According to him, despite coming on time, he was told that the Clerk to Council had not yet become ready for the session.

He was thus forced to adjourn the session for 30 minutes and tasked the Clerk to Council to print all the necessary documents before the sitting resumes.


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