Kasese Municipal Council leaders courted on how to conduct business

By Jonan Muzigiti

Kasese Municipal Council authorities have been courted on the need to embark on tax education for the masses within dwelling and conducting businesses within Kasese Municipality.

Mr. Tayebwa Samuel Rwakinanga from Mbarara City Tax Division emphasizes the need to develop a relationship between tax collectors and tax payers which he says is only possible if the population appreciates the value of paying taxes as a source of revenue for government.

Mr. Tayebwa made the remarks while addressing the Kasese municipality council leaders and a section of town dwellers yesterday at Virina gardens in a dialogue meeting intended to enhance tax compliance within Kasese town.

He notes that it is important for the people to pay taxes which are later used as revenue to facilitate the provision of essential social services including health and education services.

He also urged the people to always pay the taxes with ease well aware that the monies collected are used to develop infrastructure within the country.


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