Kasese leaders support proposed law against counterfeiting goods and services across the country


Leaders in Kasese district have supported the proposed law against counterfeiting and dealing in goods and services that are illegal across the country.

The Anti-Counterfeit Goods and Services Bill 2023 was drafted by the Anti -Counterfeit Network Africa, a Civil Society Organization in Uganda whose objective is to prohibit processing, importing, exporting, branding, marketing, selling, packaging , manufacturing and advertising goods and services that are illegal to the consumers.

The bill is also meant to bridge the gaps that exist in the laws that protect intellectual property as well as providing inter-governmental agency collaborations among others countrywide.

It was later tabled in parliament as a private member’s motion by Hon. Asuman Basalirwa, the Bugiri Municipality Member of Parliament.

After the bill was tabled before floor of the 11th Parliament, it was granted but the Speaker directed the initiators to go back to the communities and consult the population about the effectiveness of the bill so that they come up with an evidence based report before it is passed by the August House.

Today morning, during a public consultative meeting of the district leaders, security operatives, cultural leaders and other stakeholders at the District Multipurpose hall in Nyamwamba Division of Kasese Municipality, the leaders supported the move for the bill to be passed into law, adding that Kasese like the rest of the districts is a hot spot of infiltration of counterfeited goods and services since it borders with the DRC.

Ms Jolly Masika Kateeba, the Kasese District Council Deputy Speaker highlighted that most people in the district were grappling with the consumption of illegal and unverified food stuffs, noting that once the bill is made into law, it would regulate the vice.

The District Chairman, Mr. Eliphazi Muhindi Bukombi explained that counterfeiting has affected many sectors hence retarding development.

Muhindi subsequently called for mindset change among the citizens in regard to consuming goods that are illegal and unverified for human consumption.

 Kasese Deputy Resident District Commissioner in charge of Bukonzo County, Lt. Maate Magwara appealed to the Members of Parliament irrespective of their political inclinations to support the bill so that the people are protected from using goods that are not healthy or recommended for different purposes.

On his part, Mr. Fred Muwema, the Chairperson for the Anti-Counterfeit Network Africa, thanked the district leadership for supporting the drafted bill 2023.

He expounded that the restrictions in the law would come along with punishments to the culprits. The punishments according to him would include imprisonment for 10 years and paying five times the value of the condemned goods or services among others.


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