Kasese FDC Boss accuses leaders of not pressing government to resettle flood victims


The Kasese District Forum for Democratic Change – FDC Chairperson has lashed at the leaders from Kasese district for allegedly not doing much towards convincing government to resettle the floods victims currently encamped at Muhokya Trading Centre in Muhokya Town Council.

In May 2020, most rivers streaming from the Rwenzori Mountains burst their banks causing devastating floods that displaced scores of people mainly from Kanyangeya in Nyamwamba Division and other lower local governments including Maliba and Karusandara sub-counties among others.

The victims who first stayed at some selected schools and churches near their flooded areas were later transferred to Muhokya where the District had established a temporary camp with a promise of settling them as government secures the money. Since then, they are still encamped at Muhokya, something that has forced the District FDC Boss to question the operations of the leaders towards resolving the matter.

 Mr. Saulo Maate wonders why the flood victims have stayed long in the camp yet the Government of Uganda through the Office of the Prime Minister is working on resettling people living in the flood prone areas in the Eastern districts of the Country including Bududa and Bulambuli, adding that to his surprise, Kasese is not considered yet it is also vulnerable.

Addressing the press on Thursday afternoon at his office in Kasese town, the Outspoken Maate blamed the Office of District Chairperson, RDC and the Members of Parliament from Kasese for allegedly not doing much to have the issue addressed.  

Maate also claims that the top most leaders in the district have continuously gone to visit the flood victims in the camp only to give them false hopes instead of convincing government to resettle them.

Maate used the same platform to express his dissatisfaction over the President Museveni’s remarks cautioning the MPs against using their personal money to buy ambulances in their respective constituencies, arguing that as leaders they will be heavily indebted since it is the role of government to do so.

But Maate said it would be a good idea for the MPs to support the people who elected them in the positions that they are now holding.

Recently, the Kasese Resident District Commissioner, Lt. Joe Walusimbi was quoted giving assurance to the flood victims saying government was in the process of resettling them.

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