Kasese District Local Government overwhelmed by huge numbers of teachers seeking early retirement from Public Service


Kasese District Local Government is currently overwhelmed by a huge number of teachers seeking early retirement from Public Service.

The district has over 246 grant-aided primary schools and 40 secondary schools with more than 2,000 teachers.

Mr. Eriab Begumya Ntarwete, the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer says in just a few months, more than 76 teachers have been granted early retirements from Public Service. 

According to him, his office averagely receives about four applications of teachers seeking early retirement on a daily basis.

He says the rate at which some teachers are leaving the service is alarming and has remained a question to the district that is grappling with the challenge of understaffing in most institutions of learning.

Mr. Ntarwete, however, says they are planning to recruit more teachers and improve on the system in an attempt to bridge the gap of understaffing in most schools.

The Acting Kasese District Education Officer, Mr. Ernest Bwambale Thabugha says they are wondering why some teachers have lost self-esteem (confidence) amongst themselves.

Mr. Thabugha stresses that as new person in office, he will first work on mindset change so that teachers do not think they are the worst people in the communities that they come from.



  • OGheneochuko November 15, 2023

    Good work

  • Muhindo Peterson November 15, 2023

    Government,is not motivating them,so that’s why they are planning for early retirement.

  • Thembo Gideon Kiribyunza November 16, 2023

    Let government first look into better payment for teachers.
    What I guess is that most of the teachers who are trying to leave are from primary schools where teachers earn little. Unless govt solves the issue of salaries, many applications are still coming.

  • Kaweesi patrick November 16, 2023

    Poor enumeration

  • Ampeire paulino November 16, 2023

    Poor pay characterized by high standards of living

  • Hon.Yoson Mwolhoberya Kinyamaseke T.C November 16, 2023

    The most reason is harsh conditions .someone lives in Kinyamaseke and teaches in Kabingo on daily basis.Biometric machines wants them every day,one is 55Yrs ,uses transport of Abt 10k to go to work morevoer from Hz/her salary
    Why not early retirement

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