Isango sub -county grapples with poor road network


Residents of Isango Sub-county in Bukonzo County West, Kasese district are still grappling with a challenge of poor road network.

The most affected areas include Kanyatsi, Kawempe, Kabafu and Kyempara parishes where accessibility to community footbridges is also another challenge.

Mr. Hamada Kule, the Local Council I Chairperson for Kabafu I village says connecting from one parish to another becomes a tag of war because some foot bridges and community access roads have repeatedly been affected by floods that befall the area.

According to him, the poor road network in the area does not facilitate the easy transportation of agricultural produces and access to schools and health facilities.

To provide a temporarily solution to the problem, the residents in the four affected parishes today organized a community activity aimed at erecting a foot bridge on River Mpondwe that connects Kabafu village to Kamukumbi and other neighbouring villages.

During the communal work, the residents were joined by the Kasese District Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Florence Kabugho who donated some construction materials and facilitation to have the work go on smoothly.

Hon. Kabugho donation restored among the residents including the Local Council I Chairperson for Kabafu I village and Mr. Zapiere Baluku who were optimistic that once the foot bridge is completed, it would help them get access to some social services.

In her remarks, Hon. Kabugho explained that she decided to donate the construction materials and money towards the rehabilitation of the foot bridge as a way of giving back to her local community.


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