Health worker arrested over homosexuality in Kasese


A Health Worker attached to Bugoye Health Centre III in Bugoye Sub-county, Kasese district has been arrested on allegations of practicing homosexuality.

The suspect who has been identified by the Sub-county Chairperson, Mr. James Katalikawa Muthulhanda as Sam Oscar Kule was arrested by police today morning for allegedly having sex with a primary five pupil aged 15.

It is reported that the suspect was arrested by police after a tip off from the Night Watchman from Bugoye Health Centre III who became suspicious as Kule was coming out of his room with the victim in the wee hours.

The Night Watchman immediately alerted police at Bugoye Sub-county Headquarters who swung into action and arrested the suspect.

However, the police have not yet issued an official comment about the arrest of the suspect but our reporter who rushed to the scene got a chance to talk to the Sub-county Chairperson who had also thronged Bugoye Police Station.

The Sub-county Boss confirmed to our reporter that the suspect who was in police custody is a resident of Kitswamba Sub-county but currently residing at Bugoye Health Centre III where he works from.

Katalikawa subsequently warned the people against involving themselves in such condemned practices and called for the promotion of cultural and traditional values.

Mr. Richard Kaahwa, a father to victim and resident of Bugoye village regretted the incident and said he had not yet gathered enough information about the matter.

He said that after getting the evidence, he would love to see justice prevail as the law takes its course.



  • Muhamad Mikidad November 1, 2023

    He should be punished by the law

  • Chris November 1, 2023


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