Government to Construct Standard Coffee Laboratory in Kasese District, Uganda


Kasese, Uganda – The Ugandan government has announced plans to construct a state-of-the-art Coffee Laboratory in Kasese district, which will cater to the coffee-producing districts in the Western region. The laboratory will serve as a central hub for assembling and testing all coffee products, both from within and outside the district.

The revelation came during the launch of the distribution of funds under the Parish Development Model Programme at the District Multipurpose Hall in Kasese town. Hon. Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga Kime, the State Minister for ICT and National Guidance, officiated at the event and shared details about the upcoming Coffee Laboratory.

Hon. Kabbyanga emphasized that Kasese district was chosen to host the Regional Coffee Laboratory due to its reputation for producing exceptional coffee known for its sweetness, which must be maintained to meet international market standards. He urged local farmers to capitalize on this opportunity by cultivating more coffee on their land and reaping the financial benefits it can bring.

In addition to the announcement about the Coffee Laboratory, Minister Kabbyanga took the opportunity to address another vital issue. He assured the gathered population that the government is actively working on upgrading Rukooki Health Centre IV to a hospital status, expanding the healthcare services available in the region.

However, Minister Kabbyanga made it clear that the plans to upgrade Rukooki Health Centre would not impede the ongoing efforts to rehabilitate Kilembe Mines Hospital. He clarified that while the government would be involved in the construction of Kilembe Mines Hospital through a private arrangement, it would still maintain a partnership to ensure the successful establishment of the hospital.

The government’s initiatives to enhance both the coffee industry and healthcare services in the Western region have been met with enthusiasm and support from the local population. The construction of the Standard Coffee Laboratory is expected to boost the coffee sector, improve quality control measures, and increase the region’s contribution to the international coffee market. Simultaneously, the upgrading of Rukooki Health Centre and the construction of Kilembe Mines Hospital will significantly enhance healthcare access and delivery for the people of Kasese district and its surrounding areas.

As the projects move forward, the government remains committed to collaborating with local stakeholders, farmers, and healthcare professionals to ensure the success and sustainability of these crucial initiatives, which aim to uplift the region and benefit its residents in various ways.

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