Fate of Kasese Village Chairpersons Hangs in the Balance as National Office Yet to Declare Position


The Kasese District Returning Officer and Election Administrator, Mr. Ismeail Atwijukire Takih, has provided an update on the status of the Village Chairpersons in the district whose term of office officially ended on July 10, 2023.

According to the Uganda Constitution, elected political leaders in the country are granted a five-year term, and the Village Chairpersons were democratically elected on July 10, 2018.

Kasese district encompasses a vast area, comprising over 800 villages, 130 parishes, and 44 lower local governments, including Sub-counties and Town Councils. These villages are situated across the two counties of Bukonzo and Busongora.

Mr. Atwijukire Takih has revealed that despite the expiration of the Village Chairpersons’ term, the Electoral Commission Chairperson is yet to issue an official statement regarding the elections for the affected leaders. As a result, the situation remains uncertain.

In the meantime, the district is actively conducting Voter Education campaigns in various public places, such as markets and educational institutions.

The aim of these campaigns is to raise awareness among citizens about their rights and responsibilities, as well as to promote their active participation in the electoral process. Additionally, the Voter Education efforts specifically target the youth, with the objective of mobilizing and engaging them in the electoral process while preparing them for future leadership roles.

The District Election Administrator is also encouraging residents to start preparing for the upcoming 2026 general elections, which will encompass elections starting from the Village Councils and extending up to the Presidential level.

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