Families resort to receiving dowry in market places


The Police in Kasese district have expressed concern over the increase in teenage marriages within the district.

SP Luka Mbusa, the acting Rwenzori East Regional Police Spokesperson says parents continue to marry off their underage girls hence denying them an opportunity to education that would guarantee a decent future.

While speaking to Messiah Radio in Kasese in town, SP Mbusa revealed that the security agency has commenced an investigation into two families that recently facilitated the marriage of an underage girl.

The Police mouth piece said preliminary investigations indicate that the family of the girl met with that of the boy at one of the markets within the district where they exchanged gifts including money and goats.

SP Mbusa, who is also the Regional Community Liaisons Officer did not disclose the details of the matter but explained that the father in-law to the girl had sought clearance of the goats from his village chairperson feigning to be taking the goats for sale before adding that police has since gathered that he was taking the goats to marry an underage girl for his son.

He stresses that once investigations are complete both members of both families involved would be apprehended.

SP Mbusa also decried the high rate of gender-based violence within the district revealing that court has sanctioned 14 people on allegations of violence while 20 others are still undergoing investigations.


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