Equity Bank in partnership with Million Trees International Organization launches a tree planting campaign in Kasese

Equity Bank in partnership with Million Trees International Organization has launched a campaign of planting indigenous trees in Kasese.

The exercise that started today morning at Mwaro Cell, Rukooki Ward in Nyamwamba Division aims at establishing Kasese Conservation Forestry that will help in mitigating the effects of climate change and provide fruits for food and medicinal purposes to the community.

The Kasese Conservations Forestry will be established on a 40 acre piece of land offered by Mr. Bruno Bwambale and it will become a demonstration site from where the population will learn the techniques of caring for and maintaining trees for a period of 50 years before they are cut down.

Ms. Virginia Ssemakula, the Manager for Energy, Environment and Climate at Equity Bank Uganda told the press during the launch that they intend to plant trees as a way of restoring the climate that has been tempered with due to de-afforestation

She also noted that the project will come along with sensitizing the communities and public institutions about the need to embrace the use of renewable energy as an alternative means of mitigating the practice of cutting down trees for firewood without replacing.

Dr. Jibril Semakura, the Director for Million Trees International Organization that has partnered with Equity Bank in implementing the project explained that Kasese has been identified as one of the districts with water stressed areas due to limited rains. 

He stressed that the challenge of inadequate water has lowered crop production leading to food insecurity in families.

In his remarks, Mr. Benson Kule Baritazale, the Chairperson for Kasese Tourism Investors’ Forum who also participated in the tree planting exercise, explained that they were working hard in ensuring that Kasese receives cool temperatures that are friendly to the tourists who come to see the features in the district.

Mr. Vincent Byaruhanga, the LC.I Chairperson for Mwaro Cell appreciated the implementers of the project, adding that it will contribute to the development of his area of jurisdiction once maintained.


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