Enumerators of the 2024 National Population and Housing Census warned against forging data in Kasese


Enumerators and Supervisors of the forthcoming 2024 National Population and Housing Census have been warned against the practice of forging data of the people that they ought to attend to.

At least 2, 033 have been employed as Enumerators in Kasese district while more than 200 have been recruited as Supervisors.

While addressing the press today afternoon at the Census Coordinating Office in Kamaiba Ward, Central Division of Kasese Municipality, Mr. Joseph Singoma, the District Census Officer, said the time allocated for the exercise was enough for the Enumerators to move from home to home in their respective villages as they record the required particulars of the residents.

Mr. Singoma, who also doubles as the District Senior Planner thus threatened to arrest and prosecute whoever would be found having forged data, adding that all Census Employees would be compelled to making an oath administered by the Chief Magistrate.

The District Census Officer, who also sounded a stern warning to the residents who would attempt to boycott the exercise, urged everyone to embrace the programme so that government gets the correct data to facilitate easy planning.

He also put it categorically clear that other people would be counted from institutions including schools, bus parks, hotels and lodges among others.


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