Bwera True Roots Association Empowers Bwera General Hospital with Vital Donation of Seating Stools, Amplifying Healthcare Delivery


In a remarkable show of community solidarity, the Bwera True Roots Association, comprising individuals from Bukonzo County West, on Sunday stepped forward to bolster the resources of Bwera General Hospital in Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council, Kasese District. Their contribution of seating stools has provided a much-needed boost to the hospital’s ability to deliver quality care.

The Senior Hospital Administrator, Clarence Bwambale, expressed his deep gratitude to the Bwera True Roots Association for their swift response to the hospital’s pressing needs.

Recognizing the inherent resource constraints faced by the hospital, Bwambale had actively engaged with the association, outlining critical requirements that included mattresses, plastic chairs for the neonatal ward, drip stands, wheelchairs, and much more.

Their invaluable assistance has already made a tangible impact on the hospital’s operations.

The True Roots Association readily embraced the cause, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to community support. This recent act of benevolence is not their first, as they had previously visited the hospital in 2016, offering essential items and detergents to patients.

Their Chairperson, Julius Shyakengwa, commended the dedication of the hospital’s healthcare professionals, urging them to strive for excellence and transform Bwera General Hospital into a beacon of healthcare provision in the country.

Nurse Rose Matembele, reflecting on the significance of the donated stools, emphasized the far-reaching benefits for both caretakers and nurses. These stools will greatly enhance the comfort and efficiency of healthcare providers, enabling them to deliver optimal care to patients.

Matembele, while acknowledging the inevitable uncertainties of life and death, appealed for public understanding and support, urging people to focus on the hospital’s tremendous efforts and the countless success stories of healed patients. She also highlighted the hospital’s ongoing need for additional resources to better serve the community.

Hospital Superintendent Mary Munyagwa praised the Bwera True Roots Family Association for their remarkable support, assuring the community that the donated items would be put to diligent use.

She emphasized the hospital’s commitment to transparency and accountability in managing these invaluable contributions.

Evelyn Mbambu and Safe Biira, caregivers at the hospital, conveyed their heartfelt appreciation for the donated stools. Previously, they had endured the challenges of standing for extended periods while tending to patients, particularly during overnight shifts.

Evelyn Mbambu, Caretaker speaking in a Jovial Mood to Journalists.

With the arrival of the stools, they expressed profound relief, knowing that they could now provide the highest level of care while seated, ensuring both patient comfort and caregiver well-being.

The impact of the Bwera True Roots Association’s donation of seating stools cannot be overstated. Bwera General Hospital remains immensely grateful for their generosity, urging others to follow suit and contribute to the ongoing needs of the hospital.

Together, as a united community, they can continue to uplift the healthcare standards and make a lasting difference in the lives of patients and caregivers alike.

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  • Asiimwe Edgar July 3, 2023

    That’s great work for supporting our hospital. Am also glad for that

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