Bishop Kibira tips people on health


The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kasese has encouraged the people in Kasese district to always to always seek health services from recognized health facilities so that they are first diagnosed and later given appropriate drugs for their different ailments.

Rt. Rev. Francis Acquirinus Kibira, sounded the encouragement today shortly after officiating at a mass that was held at Mt. St. Mary’s Hospital in Kasese town in commemoration of the International Day of the sick.

The day was celebrated mainly to pray with the patients on admission and those that are battling various diseases at their homes.

Bishop Kibira explained that sometimes people take drugs for the diseases that they are not suffering from due to their alleged failure to carry out scientific diagnosis done by a trained health worker.

According to the Prelate, incidents where people take medications for the diseases that they are not suffering from lead to some health complications that subsequently result into death.

Earlier in his preaching, Bishop Kibira had encouraged both the health workers and community members to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation at the facilities that they work from. He noted that most diseases that affect the community come as a result if poor health and sanitation.

Dr. Edward Wafula, the Medical Director at Mt. St. Mary’s Hospital, stressed that today’s International Sick Day reminded them of the four core principles including autonomy, beneficence, non-malicious and Justice and Fairness that guide their profession.

Someof the patients that the Bishop visited at their sick beds hailed him for the Word of Hope despite their suffering.

The Prelate donated relief items including sugar, soap and soda among others to all the patients on admission.  ENDS

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